I invite you on a journey inside your mind to discover your own hidden abilities.
The power lies within yourself!

As a systemic coach, I offer support in developing healthy self-management practices. Through dialog, I will act as an initiator and guide, helping you unearth your true mental abilities and potential, activating these resources to translate your ambitions and goals into concrete actions.

With the help of various techniques and tools, we will work to analyze your problems and discover the path to the treasures lying in the deepest layers of the self, developing the best approach for your concerns.

Your experiences will make you the best expert for yourself.

My Offer

Coaching is not just a profession for me, it is my passion too.

Do you wish to explore your own microcosm and broaden your horizons?
As a coach, I will help you uncover your passions and abilities and bring them back to surface.
Together, we will create the necessary conditions for a change.

Do you have to take a decision, but you are not sure of the correct path? In my capacity as coach, I will help you point the arrow to the right direction, so that in the future you will become more self-confident and you will carefully take the right decisions.

Do you feel like you always need to please others, even when it brings you great discomfort? We will work together on finding the way to bring back your inner balance, using your own actions.

Do you want to make a professional or personal change, but you find yourself constantly self-sabotaging? I will help you take the first steps and together we will work on building your self-confidence.

Are you in conflict with someone at work or in your personal life, but are not sure how to handle the situation? Together, we will uncover the right approach to find a proper solution.

Is it time for a salary raise, but you’re not sure how to bring it up with your boss? Together, we will devise a strategy for having this crucial conversation and achieving your objective. I will help you identify the best arguments for obtaining a salary raise and most importantly, identify your true value.

Are your relationships always derailing to the point that you have come to feel you are incapable of sustaining a relationship? Are you desperate because your current relationship is on the edge of collapse? I will help you analyze your behavior in the past / present relationships and identify the factors that play a role in your decision. Even the most negative experiences can turn into positive outcomes in your life!

Are you turning the night into day because the concerns are whirling inside your mind like a carousel, dimming your efficiency? Do you feel completely exhausted and powerless in the presence of certain people and you don’t know why? I will show you how to shut off, maintain your distance from certain situations, to leave the past in the past and to concentrate on the present, here and now. Together we will create scenarios in which we can practice various approaches and behaviors that will lead to the best decisions.

I offer my services in German, Romanian and English. Language is not an obstacle for us.